Tales from the hard drive crypt

If your work involves dealing with large files, odds are you have a hard drive horror story.

A quick Google search turned up a Reddit thread. One user spent a year traveling with various musicians across the country for some documentary.

Sadly, the drive got corrupted, leaving him with just 10% of the footage he’d originally recorded.

Another woman had to spend $6,000 of her own money to recover a film series after realizing the drive she’d been using for work wasn’t formatted properly.

I personally had to spend 60 hours uploading files to Google Drive (on a molasses slow internet connection) after my hard drive maxed out while traveling through Indonesia.

Because of these hard drive disasters, many people now store their data on the Cloud.

The only thing is: If you have a ton of large files, migrating to the cloud can become expensive fast.

While Google’s 1TB plan cost just $10 per month, their 10TB plan costs $100.

And there are no plans in-between.

Meaning, if you need two or three TBs, you’re stuck paying $100/mo.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

See, most of us don’t actually “need” that much space.

We just don’t want to spend hours, days and months going through all those old files deciding which ones we want to keep and which ones we can trash.

But with DriveStats, migrating to the cloud is easy.

First, upload everything to your Google Drive account. Let ‘er rip.

Second, use DriveStats visual interface to blaze through your folders at lightning speed.

See, the biggest problem with file maintenance is having to manually open and close all those folders to see what’s inside.

But with DriveStats, our visual dashboard shows you exactly what’s inside each and every folder without you having to open them all up.

And once you see something you want to delete / organize, our panel provides the link to that exact folder so you can click straight through and get down to business.

For more information, click here to check out DriveStats now.

To a less cluttered world,
Jake Marfoglia