You know the real reason people spend $100 per month (or more) on cloud storage?

In my experience, it’s not because they “need” the space (although that’s what 99% of people would tell you).

No, the real reason people pay so much for cloud storage…

…is because going back and deleting all the files they don’t need is painfully boring!

Seriously boring – like touring a chalk museum.

For a while, I got to the point where I started labeling the folders I was “planning” on cleaning up in the future.

You want to know how many times I actually went back and deleted that stuff?



Because there’s about 10 million things I’d rather do than click through endless folders deleting files one by one.

The only thing is: Those files don’t just disappear.

Instead, they build and build over time until – POOF – we’re paying $100 per month for cloud storage.

Hey I’m Jake, and that’s why I built the DriveStats application.

Fortunately, DriveStats fixes the problem of “digital clutter”.

With our visual interface and rapid-click technology, you can navigate your Google Drive from top to bottom in a flash.

No aimlessly clicking through files (and constantly having to hit the back button).

No waiting 3-5 seconds EVERY SINGLE TIME you click to open something.

Instead, DriveStats allows you to organize your Google Drive folder at lightning speed.

And with Google charging $200 to $300 per month for just 20 / 30 TB of storage…

…cleaning up those old files – so you can downgrade your plan – could save you $1,200 or more per year!

For more information on DriveStats, click here now. Start getting your drive back in order and relax knowing that you have an organized drive with no wasted space.

Wishing you a “decluttered Google Drive”,
Jake Marfoglia