First of all, what is a digital hoarder?

Ever seen the TV show Hoarders?

Both funny and tragic, Hoarders documents the lives of men and women who refuse to throw out their trash.

Some of the episodes are quite hilarious, with fully grown adults surrounded by thousands of dolls.

Others are quite depressing, with people’s homes being taken over by rats and feral animals.

But no matter what it is they refuse to throw away, at the end of the day their illness convinces them of the same conclusion:

“I absolutely cannot throw this away. I might need it one day!”

And while it’s easy to laugh at (and cry for) hoarders in real life…

…when it comes to our digital lives, many of us do the same exact thing! We are a digital hoarder…

To get the ‘perfect’ selfie, we take 20 near identical photos – post one of them to social media – and forget about the rest.

Our accounting files are packed with labels and abbreviations even we can’t remember.

For many adults, staying organized online is like fighting a Hydra:

For every folder you create in an attempt to stay organized, another two pop up out of nowhere.

Fortunately, DriveStats fixes this.

With, you can see your entire Google Drive folder – from the top down – in one easy-to-use visual dashboard.

digital hoarder solution

Just click on the folder you want to explore and our pinwheel graphic shows you everything inside (including links to open up the actual folders).

From there, you scan each folder’s contents – drilling deeper and deeper – with near instant reaction times.

With Google Drive taking 3-5 seconds just to open one folder, this one function alone can save you years of time.

(Ok, maybe not years, but you get the point!)

For more information, click through to today to check it out.

Don’t be a digital hoarder. A decluttered Drive is just on the other side.