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All your data is 100% private, encrypted, and secure. Everything stays on your Google drive account, and we are unable to view any of your personal information

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Why pay for storage when you can clean up your drive instead? helps you analyze what files taking up the most storage. You can delete what you no longer need.

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Ever wonder what you have in your drive after all these years? helps you to navigate your whole drive instantly, no loading, no spinners, just clicks. There are also beautiful interactive charts to assist you.

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Storage monitor & reports 📊

Need to know what files are added/removed in the last week or month? Does both!

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Best for one-time usage

  • Unlimited scans for 48 hours

  • One Google Drive account

  • Beautiful interactive chart

  • Collect and deleteComing soon

7-day money back guarantee




Storage monitor and analysis

  • Unlimited scans whenever you need it

  • Multiple Google Drive accounts

  • Monitor files and folders changes

  • Daily, weekly, monthly report

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